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Why Is Carepak So Experienced?

photograph IT relocation challengeThe Philippines BPO sector is characterized by multinational companies expanding almost every year and requiring an IT relocation services company that understands their unique requirement. Carepak specializes in IT relocation services and we number many of the top BPOs in our client list.

IT relocation is a specialization within the specialization of office moving and presents its own challenges that Carepak, working with the the leaders in BPO, has mastered.

IT relocation is mission-critical in a way that surpasses the requirements of a basic commercial or office move. For IT relocation you not only want your people and your furniture in the right place at the right time but you also want to IT resources relocated precisely, with every computer plugged into the right network so that there is zero service interruption to your customers. The revenue stream cannot stop just because staff are relocated from Makati to Eastwood or to Cebu; the computer networks must be up and running instantaneously.

Carepak handles all aspects of the IT relocation - packing, shipping, insurance and unpacking services - so that your IT personnel can switch on their equipment in their new location without a care in the World except for their thanks to Carepak


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