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Why do I need an Insurance Cover?

photograph shipping containers on shipCarepak is the most respected moving and storage company in the Philippines and throughout Micronesia, with an extraordinarily low claims record however, we do not own the ships and aircraft that will transport your goods and we cannot be responsible for every other vehicle that our trucks will pass along the road. Thus, it is still important to ensure that your goods are protected against the rigors of international or domestic transport by taking out a comprehensive (All Risks) insurance cover.

Fortunately because Carepak has taken so much care in the past we are in a position to offer the best transit insurance services rates possible. Insuring through Carepak offers a comprehensive policy underwritten by Lloyds of London, and one specifically tailored for your household goods and personal effects. This insurance services policy offers you peace of mind, and the secure knowledge that your valuable assets have Full Replacement Value ALL Risks insurance protection for the entire door-to-door transit period. The insurance services policy also includes a number of day’s storage at either origin or destination, and can be easily extended should you require an additional storage period.

How do I Select the Sum to be Insured?

The most accurate way of assessing the value of your goods to be insured is to prepare a “Valued Inventory”. This is simply a list of items, or groups of items in your home, which are noted down, together with their corresponding replacement value. The disadvantage of not preparing a valued inventory is that in the event of a insrance claim, settlement for a damaged item must be assessed in comparison to the total value declared instead of having settlement made on a predetermined value. It is essential to list separately those single items with a value in excess of US$1,500. Everything else can be grouped into various categories for insurance services purposes.

How do I Arrange Coverage if the Goods are put into Storage?

If it is your intention to keep the goods in storage for an extended period of time, there is a convenient form located in the back of the insurance packet. Please remember that up to 60 days of free storage is included in the original insurance policy, but in the event the goods might be stored longer, it is important to ensure that the coverage is extended.

What About If I Pack Myself?

No problem if you pack it yourself but it is important for shipping cartons to be left open for inspection by our packing team in the event that these items are to be insured. The insurance company requires that Carepak verify the contents of each insured box, to ensure that adequate protection of items has been accomplished.


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