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International Moving & Relocation Micronesia

photograph moving fine artsCarepak Moving and Storage has invested time and money to develop the best International Standard Moving Services to and from Micronesia. Carepak is the first, and currently the only, international moving and relocation company to bring international standards to Micronesia.

Relocation Services In Micronesia

With on the ground representation in most locations, Carepak employ materials and packers from our main office in the Philippines to provide the highest levels of moving and relocation services to Micronesia for: Embassies, NGO’s and other international organizations. Our current service areas in Micronesia cover: Palau, Saipan, Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia, Majuro and other islands in the Marshall Islands group.

Carepak’s expertise has been developed specifically to provide International Standard moving and relocation services, and we are very proud of our ability to handle these complex moves to and from the islands of Micronesia. Together with local partners, we are expanding into more islands and if it can be done, we will do it.

We Know The Islands Of Micronesia

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Carepak’s experience in the 7000+ islands of the Philippines has prepared us for the similar challenges of moving and relocation in Micronesia. The islands of Micronesia represent challenges that are as unique as the people who have made them their home.

Although each island culture is unique, the moving and relocation solutions are surprisingly similar and Carepak knows, from decades of experience, how to make the moves that make hassle-free relocation in Micronesia possible.

Contact Micronesia Relocation Services

If you need international standard moving and relocation services in Palau, Saipan, Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia, Majuro or other islands in the Marshall Islands group, then contact Carepak Moving and Storage today. No challenge is too great for the Carepak team because we know the islands.


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